Controlled Vocabularies

The following controlled vocabularies are used on this site. Click a vocabulary short name for more details.

Short NameVocabulary Name(s)DescriptionLoaded Terms
dataEDAMBioinformatics operations, data types, formats, identifiers and topics.20
dcdcDCMI Metadata Terms.1
EROeroThe Eagle-I Research Resource Ontology1
formatEDAMA defined way or layout of representing and structuring data in a computer file, blob, string, message, or elsewhere. The main focus in EDAM lies on formats as means of structuring data exchanged between different tools or resources. 1
_globalunknown, sequence, gene_ontology46
GObiological_process, molecular_function, cellular_componentGene Ontology34,387
hydrahydraA Vocabulary for Hypermedia-Driven Web APIs6
IAOIAO, iaoThe Information Artifact Ontology (IAO).3
internalcvterm_property_type, synonym_type, 5
INTERPROINTERPROInterPro provides functional analysis of proteins by classifying them into families and predicting domains and important sites. It combines protein signatures from a number of member databases into a single searchable resource.118
KEGG_BRITEKEGG_BRITEKEGG BRITE is a collection of hierarchical classifications from KEGG.43
KEGG_ORTHOLOGYKEGG_ORTHOLOGYThe KEGG Orthology (KO) system consists of manually defined ortholog groups that correspond to pathways, BRITE hierarchys and modules17
KEGG_PATHWAYKEGG_PATHWAYKEGG PATHWAY is a collection of manually drawn pathway maps representing our knowledge on the molecular interaction and reaction networks.317
locallocal, synonym_type, library_type, tripal_analysis, featuremap_property, featuremap_units, featurepos_property, nd_experiment_types, nd_geolocation_property, analysis_property, organism_property, library_property, project_property, tripal_phylogenyTerms created for this site.71
NCBITaxonncbitaxonNCBI organismal classification.1
nullnull, local, Statistical Terms, developmental stages, feature_property, chado_propertiesNo online database.33
OBCSOBCSOntology of Biological and Clinical Statistics.1
OBIobiThe Ontology for Biomedical Investigation.1
OGIogiOntology for genetic interval.1
operationEDAMA function that processes a set of inputs and results in a set of outputs, or associates arguments (inputs) with values (outputs). Special cases are: a) An operation that consumes no input (has no input arguments).2
rdfsrdfsResource Description Framework Schema2
SBOsboSystems Biology.3
sepsepSample processing and separation techniques.1
SIOSIOSemanticscience Integrated Ontology.7
SOsequenceThe sequence ontology.2,035
SWOschemaSoftware Ontology1
TAXRANKtaxonomic_rankA vocabulary of taxonomic ranks (species, family, phylum, etc)61
TContacttripal_contactTripal Contact Ontology. A temporary ontology until a more formal appropriate ontology an be identified.28
TPUBtripal_pubTripal Publiation Ontology. A temporary ontology until a more formal appropriate ontology an be identified.215
tripaltripal, stock_types, stock_property_types, stock_relationship_types, tripal_featuremapUsed as a database placeholder for tripal defined objects such as tripal cvterms147
UOuoUnits of Measurement Ontology1